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Security Patrol Dogs

Security guard and patrol Dog is the most effectiive solution to guarding premises and property. We carry out all our training in house and train to NASDU standards and the BIPDT as well as the new asset course. We have a website that is dedicated to this specialist arm of the company please visit: All Year Security - Security Guard Dog

Security Guard Patrol Dogs

  • No Minimum hours
  • Competitive rates
  • Risk free and short term security contracts
  • Professional uniformed SIA licensed Security Guards
  • All areas covered emergency security guard

Our Guard Dog Patrols represent the highest level of canine training.

Our dogs are under the control of the dog handler at all times. Their function is to alert our handler of any human intruder and protect the handler where necessary. An experience dog patrol unit can be equally effective as up to five static security. not only providing a visual deterrent, dogs have powerful hearing and scent senses and are able to search and find human presence better than up to five static guards. Guard dogs are invaluable in searching and securing large areas.

While we are able to dispatch units at short notice, you are more than welcome to visit our dog training centre in Kent. By appointment, you can see the dogs in action, we also have highly accredited ex-forces instructors and handlers, who have a proven history and knowledge of the dog handler industry and can work efficiently with all agencies, security officers and the general public.

Our specialist dog teams are an asset to any force concerned with security and our presence can greatly increase the effectiveness of any team.

For more information on the type of security guard you need, please choose one of the following headings:

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Security Patrol Dogs
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All Year Security is a Security Patrol dog company in London, that provides security guard dog services in the Central and Greater London area and Surrey for more information visit our security dog section website: All Year Security - Security Guard Dog.

If you would like to know more information about the patrol dogs security services we provide call us on 0845 9000 707 and ask for a brochure to be sent to your office, you can also arrange a meeting with one of representatives.

Our security guards are uniformed, professionally trained to and hold a security licence from the S I A


We offer a wide range of patrol dog services operating a nationwide service.


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