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All Year Security provide retail security london guards. All our guards area trained and experinced regarding retail security, whether your main concern is shoplifting or shrinkaging our security supervisors are happy to work with management to ensure that our retail guards are not just for show. We can provide an random search equipment for staff and advise on cctv solutions for customers.

Retail Training
Our retail security guards are given retail security training, the course is split into two areas, the first deals with how to spot suspicious behaviour, it covers behavioural habits and trends that can make it easier for guards to keep an eye on the right people, it teaches them new measures on how to discourage shoplifting, the aim of the first part of this course is to identify and prevent.

The second part of the course involves dynamic risk assessment training, the reason for this is often security guards are over zealous in their duties. Their fight against crime can place your customers, staff members, property and themselves at risk, dynamic risk assessment teaches them how to deal with violent behaviour, responding to threats and how to detain a shoplifter.

Safety First
While our guards are drilled that shop theft can be detrimental to your business, in addition to this our guards are trained that the safety of your customers, staff members and the protection of your property is also a important factor.

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Our security guards are uniformed, professionally trained to and hold a security licence from the S I A


We offer a wide range of security services operating in central London and Surrey.


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